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KYFL Families-

I hope you are all doing well during these crazy times. I know this pandemic has affected families in different ways. Whether it’s your health, financially, or just your day to day activities. 

As KYFL gets closer and closer to when the football season would start up everyone is going to have questions and concerns. We as a league have always tried to communicate with our families about changes and various issues that effect our league. Covid-19 has been one issue that is unlike any we have faced. There are so many unknowns and guidelines that change from day to day, week to week that it has been difficult to put anything out about the future.

This past week KYFL participated in the TCYFL meeting and then had our own board meeting. I would like to highlight some of the details I feel are important to share.

*KYFL & TCYFL will have a season as long as we can keep our players safe and families healthy while abiding by any governmental regulations and health board recommendations.

*No one knows when week one will be at this point.

*The deadline set by TCYFL to make a final decision is July 1st

*Countless alternatives to our regular season are being considered but we are far from being able to say which one makes the most sense.

*Our season is NOT dependent on what the high schools do

*Additional equipment will probably be required. For example, Clear face shields, gloves, and breathable masks.

*Safety guidelines for practice, team size, game areas for spectators, and countless other things will be in place prior to the season starting.

*The availability of jersey’s and other gear will be scarce

*There will be a strong push to play teams that are in the closest towns to you

From a KYFL perspective we want to do everything we can to get every player back from last year and hopefully add some new ones. We understand the financial strain COVID-19 has put on many families. We will be significantly reducing our registration costs. A final number will be made available as soon as we know what the season will look like. But it will be significant. For those that have registered, you will receive a refund of the difference once we know what that is. KYFL has always looked to help families that may have hit a financial hardship. We never want to hear that a football player or cheerleader isn’t playing due to money. Every year we have given aid to families that need it. If you are in a financial situation that may need some support for your child to participate, please reach out to myself or another board member. Your name and information will remain confidential.

We will be sending out another e-mail more geared towards cheer after they have their meeting next week.

We have had a pretty solid registration so far, but we are down from last year. A board member will be reaching out to all families that played last year trying to see if you will be playing this year and hopefully answer any questions or concerns you might have. Our registration will remain open until July 1st. We will continue to send out updates as we receive them.

I hope to see you all out there when we are allowed to play. Until then stay safe and Go Knights!!!

Kaneland Strong T-Shirt

By purchasing a T-shirt from this local provider, $10 will go directly back to KYFL.  Shipping options as well as local pick up at The Hairy Ant Inc. screen printing company in St. Charles.

2019 KYFL End of Season Banquet

The KYFL 2019 End of Season Banquet will be held at Harter Middle School on Sunday November 17th at 12:00pm.  Lunch will be catered by Reams. 

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance by November 8th, tickets will NOT be sold at the door.

**Tickets can only be purchased thru this website**

The Registration "welcome" is not currently available.

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