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7/22/19 @ 5:30pm KYFL 1st Day of Practice

Physicals, Concussion testing (mandatory 12 and older) and Birth Certificate Due.

KYFL moving into the TCYFL

The 2018 season presented a great deal of challenges for our league. We were put in a situation where we had teams spread across three different conferences. (MYFC, TCYFL, and Pop Warner)  This was done so that all of our levels had a place to continue playing Knight Football.  After the season was completed the board unanimously chose to leave the MYFC to find a home that would give our league a chance to all play together and continue our growth.  After extensive meetings with coaches, board members, other leagues, and conference reps we chose to move KYFL into the TCYFL (The Chicagoland Youth Football League).  KYFL was officially voted into their league on 1/15/19.

TCYFL is the largest conference in Illinois and will be home for over 50 communities. The board believes the values and structure TCYFL has created fit our current needs and future growth. Some of the key factors in choosing this league included:

*TCYFL has multiple levels, competitive and instructional, giving every kid a place to learn and develop their love for football with peers that have similar skills and goals.

*Playing environment. TCYFL promotes a safe and family style environment much like what KYFL has been building over the last few years

*Safety measures and weighted schedules. TCYFL has implemented baseline testing for all athletes 10 years old and up, trainers at every game, age/weight matrix style of play, and a system that is proven to place teams against similar skill level teams.

*Highly structured and respected organization

 To find out more about the TCYFL you can visit their website at The website has everything from rules and regulations to various events they host.  

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